What You Need to Know:

Read our Letter to New Students

Read our Letter to New Students

It’s simple. You practice a traditional series of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises in a room hot enough to safely soften muscles and your fascia for a deep and meditative stretch. Repetitive practice yields enhanced physical performance. Thanks to 105F’s inherent detoxifying qualities, valued wellness goals such as weight loss, deeper sleep, and relief from chronic discomfort and stress typically bless our bodies and minds! Try a class and you’ll emerge beaming.

How to Prepare!

Nervous? You’re not alone! Just show up and come as your are. We were all beginners once. We cater to first timers. It is called Beginner’s Yoga class for this reason! Here’s how you do it.

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class starts (doors open a half hour before each class and lock when the class session begins). Make sure you are adequately hydrated and come with an empty stomach (avoid large meals within three hours). Bring a mat, 2 big towels, and water bottle or rent/buy at the studio (mats are $2, towels are $3 and drinks range from $3-$4.99).

Sign in, change into your class wardrobe, exchange smiles, and get ready for class. Enter the studio and think, “wow, that’s hot.” It’s the kind of heat that thaws the stiffest of beginners and soothes the day’s stress away. And, yet, it still challenges all skill levels.

Look around. Think mirror neurons. Like attracts like. You’ll see other students of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes. We all suffer and we’re in this together. If you set up your mat away from the mirror in the back rows, you’ll have a better perspective to see how the poses are performed. Don’t worry, it takes everybody a few classes to gain basic competency in the poses.

When the lights turn up, stand up and face the mirror. Listen to the teacher’s instructions and try each pose to the best of your ability. As daunting as the heat, the poses and your physical conditioning may seem, stay in the room for the entire class, even if you if you have to sit or lie down. Just sip some water and watch the show.

After class, cool off in the lobby and enjoy the feeling of being alive! Book another class. Book an appointment. Repeat.

Bikram Yoga Newbie Tips:

What to bring:

  • Bring two big towels, a mat, and water

  • Place your towel over your mat at all times to prevent slipping

  • Bring light workout clothing

  • No excessive perfumes or lotions please

What to do:

  • Show up 15 minutes early

  • Your only goal is to stay in the room every class. No leaving early please

  • Make sure the person behind you can see themselves

  • Follow what is being instructed by the teacher

  • Sit down if needed and take a break

What to remember:

  • Each class turns into a cumulative effect. The more often you come, the more medical benefit you receive.



Our beautiful yoga studio represents a peaceful and pleasant place at which you and your fellow yogis invest in their health and well-being. In order for everyone to enjoy their experiences, adherence to the following guidelines ensures gracious yogi etiquette:

  • Arrive early instead of late.

  • Take off your shoes and leave them in the provided shelves located in the lobby area.

  • As the hot rooms are tranquil sanctuaries of calm and quiet, silence is golden once you step inside the yoga studio. No talking please.

  • Listen. If you have questions for your instructor, you are welcome and encouraged to ask before or after class.

  • Try to stay in the hot room for the entire class. If you need to take a break, no problem–take a seat and relax on your mat until you are ready to resume the poses again.

  • It is customary to wait until after “Eagle” pose to take your first sip of water, allowing your body to properly warm up from the inside out. Throughout the rest of your class, please sip water in between the postures.

  • Turn off all mobile devices and leave them outside of the hot room in the changing room, which are provided at all studios.

  • Avoid wearing perfumes, colognes, or strong fragrances of any kind.

  • First timers should set up their mat in the back row (away from the mirrors), while seasoned practitioners are encouraged to set up in the front row.

  • Do let your instructor know of any medical conditions or physical injuries, whether acute or chronic, including pregnancy.

  • Breathe, be patient, and attend with an open mind; a Beginner’s Mind.