Dear New Student of Bikram Yoga Williston,


Hi. My name is Erin. I practiced near you in class today. I’m the redhead with barely any clothes on and if you don't know me I probably come off as cocky and extroverted upon which it's easier to judge me by what you choose to see until you or I make eye contact.

I'm the one that is the owner of the studio center who put everything on the line including her family and private practice of psychotherapy to take the calculated risk and open up New England's premiere hot integrative wellness studio center where we offer comprehensive and integrative services so that people can take their health into their hands, because it’s my deep conviction.

I was the one that saw you in my periphery and was sending you pure, unconditional, supportive vibes. Hoping that you wouldn't push yourself beyond capacity. Hoping that the teacher stuck to the dialogue and gave you the best freakin experience. Hoping that you realize you are deserving enough to give yourself this chance the gift of wellness and peace.of.mind...like the rest of us. Hoping you realize you're not alone. Hoping you realize we have all been there and we are more dedicated than ever because it works.

I don't care what you look like or how young and tight you are. I don't care how old you are. I don't care what you do for a living or how attractive you are. I don't care what vehicle you drive. I don't care how many camps you child is enrolled in.

You stayed in the room/chambers. You stayed with us. We all silently support each other and get inspired by each other. You got through it. And, now, the incredible student/peer next to you is reassuring you that you did great.

We took witness in how dedicated and persistent you were in your class and how you got through it and listened to the teacher like the rest of us; you ate your humble pie..

The best compliment you can give us is a Google Review and showing up tomorrow, like the rest of us.

We are in it together.

Sending you my best today, with all that I am.

Erin Gade, LCMHC, Owner of Strong Mind, Strong Body, LLC @ Bikram Yoga Williston

Megan Shrestha