LICSW, LADC, EMDR Certified Therapist

Kim specializes in addiction and trauma recovery. Kim has a true passion for EMDR and helping people. She has found that combining therapy with Bikram yoga provides her clients a holistic healing approach. Bikram yoga has helped Kim become stronger, more self-confident, has empowered her to sit in her own body with her feelings and has enabled her to learn how to let things go. Kim enjoys working on an individual basis with adolescents and adults who are ready to explore themselves; regardless of what stage they are in the process. Kim has witnessed EMDR and Bikram yoga change people’s lives by enabling them to discover their true selves. Helping her clients discover a healthier state of being is truly the rewarding part of her work. At the Center for Strong Mind, Strong Body, Kim is honored to bear witness to clients experiencing a sense of warmth in a safe environment where vulnerability is openly embraced.