Why Use the Mind-Body-Spirit-Community Connection?

The brain and peripheral nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems, and indeed, all the organs of our body and all the emotional responses we have, share a common chemical language and are constantly communicating with one another.
— Dr. James Gordon, founder of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine

The interventions and practices we use are central to health in a fundamental way-they emphasize our capacity to use self-awareness and a variety of approaches to help ourselves physically and psychologically.

Equally if not more importantly, they increase our overall well being. Many people find these improve their relationships, help them avoid “sweating the small stuff,” or just make them feel happier! Mind-body therapies and practices can impact the way you experience symptoms.

Mind-body practices can foster a sense of control, enhance optimism, or provide social support that improve the quality of life or just allow you to cope better with symptoms.